Public Housing & Other Subsidized Housing

The Lehigh County Housing Authority (LCHA) administers a variety of housing programs in its quest to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing for low to moderate income individuals, families, seniors and the disabled.

LCHA owns and operates many Public Housing buildings in Lehigh County. These buildings are subsidized by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are administered in accordance with HUD guidelines.

Public Housing units are available for anyone that meets the income and program eligibility requirements regardless of age, unless otherwise noted.


· Applicants complete a pre application for the actual development where they want to live and be placed on a waiting list. LCHA follows HUD’s guidelines to admit 40% extremely low income families to their Public Housing buildings each fiscal year. When the families name reaches the top of the waiting list the housing authority will verify all gross income, assets, and deductions to determine eligibility. A criminal history, credit check and housekeeping check will be completed as well. It is the family responsibility to keep LCHA updated on their address, income and family members in writing.

Once the family has been found income eligible they will be offered the next available unit according to the bedroom size requirements of the family. If the unit is refused, the family will either be moved to the bottom of the list or removed from the list, by the applicant’s choice or in accordance with LCHA’s Occupancy policy.

The current income limits (based on gross annual income) are as follows:

Family Size Very Low Income Extremely Low Income
1 $33,600 $21,050
2 $38,400 $23,000
3 $43,200 $25,900
4 $47,950 $30,000
5 $51,800 $35,140
6 $55,650 $40,280
7 $59,500 $45,420
8 $63,300 $50,560

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LCHA has preferences for selecting applicants from the waiting list. They include: families displaced by government action, veterans, families living in units designated affordable paying more than 30% of their income towards rent, and people living, working or attending school in LCHA jurisdiction which excludes the cities of Allentown and Bethlehem.

· Current tenants will sign a lease with LCHA and pay a portion of the rent based on a percentage, roughly 30%, of their adjusted monthly income. The family must follow HUD’s family obligations in accordance with the Public Housing program which include, reporting all income, allowing yearly inspections, completing yearly recertifications, following their lease requirements, paying their portion of rent and utilities, participate in required community service or self-sufficiency if not employed, over 62 or disabled, report things that need repair in their units.

· The Housing Authority maintains the buildings in safe, decent and sanitary housing conditions. LCHA determines the rent the family will pay, collects rent, makes sure the tenants are following their lease requirements, makes repairs to the buildings/units as needed.

Listed below are the locations where Public Housing is offered by the Lehigh County Housing Authority:

Seventh Street Village
5 N. 7th Street
Slatington, PA 18080

*Funded by HUD Public Housing Program
- This is a non-smoking building
George Dillard Manor
425 Kuntz St.
Slatington, PA 18080

*Funded by HUD Public Housing Program
- This is a non-smoking building
Coplay Family Units
* 10-11 N. Front St.
* 28 South Front St.
* 257 S. Second St.
Coplay, PA 18037

*Funded by HUD Public Housing Program
- These are non-smoking buildings
Ridge Manor
333 Ridge St.
Emmaus, PA 18049

*Funded by HUD Public Housing Program
- This is a non-smoking building
Clarence Aungst Towers
1101 Seneca St.
Bethlehem, PA 18015

*Funded by HUD Public Housing Program
- This is a non-smoking building
Fountain Hill Family
* 960 Cherokee St.
* 910-12 Delaware Ave.
Bethlehem, PA 18015

*Funded by HUD Public Housing Program
- These are non-smoking buildings


Catasauqua Family Apartments
137 Front Street
Catasauqua, PA, 18032

*Not Public Housing units, but funded similarly by HUD
- This is a non-smoking building
Franklin Balliet Apartments at Macungie Meadows
101 W Main Street
Macungie, PA 18062

*These senior units operate similarly to public housing, however are funded by the US Department of Agriculture