Janitor Job Description


The following are the general conditions of employment required for the Janitor classification:

Employee’s assigned to the Janitor class must have a high school diploma or equivalent G.E.D, be able to read and write English and must have a valid driver’s license.

Employees assigned to the Janitor class are required to provide their own dependable year ‘round transportation from their home to whatever job locations they are assigned to work each day and back to their home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Employees assigned to the Janitor class may be required to be available to work during day time, evening and nighttime hours as their ‘routine’ schedules and snow duty schedules may require. In the interest of safety and for the convenience of Housing Authority residents, employees assigned to the Laborer “A” Janitor class may be required to be available to work beyond their regularly scheduled shift at the discretion of the Maintenance Superintendent.

Employees assigned to the Janitor classification are issued a company owned cell phone to be used in the commission of their work and are required to have that cell phone turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Primary duties of Employees assigned to the Janitor class are Janitorial/Custodial in nature. Employee’s assigned to the Laborer “A” class are required to have prior janitorial experience, preferably, in an apartment/residential setting. Experience is preferred in the following duties; experience in the use of buffing machines, and different types extraction/shampooing machines for resilient & hardwood floors and carpeting, as well as various other cleaning tools, materials & supplies used in the cleaning industry.

Employees assigned to the Janitor class must be physically capable of and comfortable with performing the following tasks in addition to Janitorial duties:
Snow removal and the operation of snow removal related equipment.

Employees assigned to the Janitor class will be required to successfully complete a medical evaluation ensuring they are physically capable to perform all the duties required by the Janitor position.

In order to sustain permanent full time employment status, employees assigned to the Janitor class are subject to a 6-month probationary period wherein they are required to prove the knowledge, experience, abilities and aptitude which has been reviewed and discussed during the interview process.


The following generally describes the duties in the job classification of the Janitor position for Lehigh County Housing Authority.

Primary duties of the Janitor position involve performing a variety of janitorial/custodial tasks alone and as part of the team you are assigned to in and around Housing Authority owned or managed buildings and grounds. These duties include sweeping, stripping, vacuuming and mopping, waxing and burnishing of vinyl compound tile; cleaning of ceramic, hardwood, & laminate floors; vacuuming and shampoo- extraction of all types of carpeting; sweeping & washing sidewalks driveways and parking lots; cleaning of walls, ceilings, windows, doors & hardware, bathroom fixtures & hardware such as toilets, bathtubs, shower enclosures, vanities, mirrors, faucets and kitchen fixtures & hardware, kitchen and household appliances such as, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc; cleaning of trash compactors, trash receptacles; removal of debris from grounds. Organizing & maintaining all cleaning tools and equipment in good repair and snow removal. Perform duties as assigned related to the Janitor position.


This work involves the use of a variety of tools & equipment including, but not limited to: Janitorial/Custodial equipment: such as, electric-powered buffing machines, burnishers, polishers, wet extractors-shampooers, and also, brooms, mops, wax applicators, squeegees etc. and reach equipment such as ladders.

Gasoline powered snow removal equipment, such as shovels, ice choppers, snow blowers, salt spreaders, trucks with snow plows, etc.


This work involves the use of a variety of cleaning and repair compounds and chemicals including, but not limited to, detergents, waxes, wax stripper, window & toilet bowl cleaners, drain openers, disinfectants, air refreshers, air sanitizers, oven cleaners etc.

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