Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)

Lehigh County Housing Authority’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program helps tenants achieve education, employment and other specific goals over a five year period. Participants receive personalized support and a chance to save money in an escrow account.

The Head of Household works with FSS staff to create a five year goal plan listing steps they will take to pursue economic stability for their family. The plan includes goals to seek and maintain employment and become free of any welfare (cash) assistance received. Throughout the program, FSS staff helps families access government and community programs and services for financial aid, career training, job search, childcare, transportation, counseling, budgeting, credit repair and even homeownership.

As the family progresses in their program, any rent increases from better jobs or wages are deposited in an FSS savings account. At the end of five years, when the Head of Household completes their FSS goals and "graduates", they are eligible to receive money collected in the account.

Past participants in FSS have returned to school, obtained living wage jobs, improved credit and finances, purchased vehicles, started businesses and bought the homes they desired. Their futures become more secure as they build assets.

Current Lehigh County Housing Authority tenants with the Section Eight Housing Choice Voucher program are eligible to participate in Family Self-Sufficiency, though space may become limited. For more information on LCHA’s FSS program, please call the FSS Office at 610-866-0602. The FSS Caseworker can be reached via voicemail at 610-433-2312 x2810 or via email at