Coplay Family Units

10-11 N. Front St
, PA

28 S. Front St
, PA

257 S. Second St
, PA

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General Information

Located approximately 5 miles north of Allentown in a small town setting.

There are 2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments. Some are one floor, some are two and tree level. The School District is Whitehall-Coplay.

What is Public Housing?

Rental units owned and operated by the Lehigh County Housing Authority, subsidized through the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) program of the United States. Public Housing is managed within the guidelines established by HUD.

Lehigh County Public Housing

Public Housing units are available for anyone that meets income and program eligibility requirements regardless of age, unless otherwise noted. Eligible applicants may select the actual development where they choose to be housed.  Once your name reaches the top of the waitlist and your file is complete, you will be offered the next available unit according to the bedroom size requirements of your family. After eligibility is determined, the next available unit is offered to the next certified eligible applicant by required bedroom size. If the unit is refused, your name will either be moved to the bottom of the list or removed from the list, by applicant’s choice.

How do I apply?

The application process involves two (2) phases.  The first is the “initial” application for assistance, which results in the family’s placement on the waiting list.  The second phase is the “final determination of eligibility”, which takes place when the family reaches the top of the waiting list.

** Income limits are subject to change without notification. Income limits may vary by program, please call or email LCHA with any questions you may have **